Keloid Scar Treatments


Kenalog injections help treat deep, cystic acne lesions on the skin’s surface. In addition, the injections help reduce the bump on the skin associated with inflamed scar tissues, helping minimize the risk of scarring from cystic acne lesions. A trained medical professional should administer Kenalog injections to ensure treatment is safe and effective.


Kenalog injections help correct acne cysts and reduce the chance of skin thinning at the surface. This treatment helps remedy skincare concerns faster. During the treatment, the cyst is cleaned, and using a fine needle Kenalog is injected directly into the lesion. The dosage depends on the size and type of lesion treated. Most patients receive injections every four to eight weeks to treat their acne cysts.

Best Candidates

Those living with painful cystic acne will benefit most from receiving Kenalog injections. However, those with a history of triamcinolone allergy or have an active skin infection should not receive these injections. To determine if Kenalog is the best option for desired results, speak with a dermatologist or other medical professional about the injections and alternative options.


A medical professional trained and experienced in providing cosmetic injection treatments should administer the Kenalog injections. Once prepped in the office, the doctor or nurse practitioner will inject Kenalog into different locations depending on where cystic acne treatment is needed. Injection sites and the number of doses depend upon the patient’s condition and how much area needs treatment. Those with questions about the procedure should speak with their doctor and express any concerns associated with the process.


As the quickest way to treat cystic acne, Kenalog injections shrink cysts within four to eight hours after the injection. Patients see results continue to improve over the subsequent days after receiving treatment. Additionally, patients wanting to prevent scarring from deep cystic acne can benefit from receiving Kenalog injections.


On average, Kenalog injections cost about $200 and up. A consultation is recommended to help ensure Kenalog is the best treatment option for the patient and determine the treatment’s total costs.


Those with various skin issues, reactions, and diseases can benefit from receiving Kenalog injections. Ultimately, these injections help reduce swelling, and inflammatory symptoms patients have due to skin issues. Most commonly, those with cystic acne benefit from reducing the signs of acne and reducing their chances of developing scar tissue. In addition, the injections provide fast and dramatic results, which is why so many patients request this treatment.

Another fantastic benefit of Kenalog injections is that they offer a quick fix, allowing patients to return to their daily schedules without downtime. Kenalog can also be used to treat hair loss and scarring.

Side Effects

Some patients report experiencing redness and irritation at the injection site. These side effects tend to soften and flatten out overnight. Other side effects may include allergic reactions, numbness or weakness, headaches, and seizures. Anyone experiencing severe side effects post-treatment should seek immediate medical attention.

To determine if Kenalog injections are the best treatment option, call today to schedule a consultation.

Price & Info

1-2 inj – $100

multiple inj – $300

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