Skin Tag Removal

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1-2 tags  $100
Multiple  $300

Frequently Asked Questions

In a sense, skin tags are enlarged freckles. They do not cause any harm to the body, and they aren’t a sign of bigger or worse things to come. They can, however, be unsightly and even painful if they are damaged. Some people try to pick them off or cut them off themselves, but there is no need to put yourself through that. They don’t tend to go away on their own and can continue to grow bigger if left untreated. Some people develop skin tags on the back of their necks or their ears as well.

Like many other laser treatments for skin conditions, there are no real risks associated with using laser technology. Because these lasers are designed to treat the skin, they come with minimal risk. Some patients report pain or discomfort at the treatment site following the procedure, but most don’t experience any discomfort at all. Some people experience redness or swelling, but few complain of any pain after the fact. There are very few side effects that one may encounter as a result of undergoing laser treatment therapy at Aesderma. We take pride in being able to provide our clients with a satisfactory experience and a chance to regain confidence in their appearance by removing skin tags.

Some clients may experience light bleeding in the area being treated as the skin tag is removed from the skin, but there is no long-term discomfort or scarring associated with the removal of skin tags.

When you visit Aesderma, we can discuss mole removal and explore whether or not our laser treatment options would be a good fit for your mole removal procedure. In many cases, we can help reduce the look and appearance of moles and put together a treatment option that is right for you.

In most cases, skin tags treated with laser treatment do not return. Depending on where the affected site of the body is, there may be other skin tags that appear in that area; for example, near the beltline of your pants. If this happens, additional treatments can remove those skin tags as well. It has been our experience that most clients who come in with a skin tag don’t have the same problem in the same area, twice.

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