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$395 – 1.0 Vial

Frequently Asked Questions

Kybella does not require surgery. Our specially-trained personnel injects it to the targeted skin area, into the layer of fat cells. Once it is below your skin, it targets and destroys the fat cells. Because Kybella is injected really deep, it does not damage the outer layer of skin at all.

There are some clear benefits to choosing this treatment:

  • Very little pain during or after the treatment – just a painless injection with no need for anesthesia!
  • No surgery required.
  • Because it is quick and painless, you can get right back to your usual activities.
  • If you repeatedly get Kybella treatment, it can have the same effect as chin liposuction!

The active ingredient in Kybella is a lab-developed form of deoxycholic acid. This substance is a natural fat dissolver that is found in the body. We use an FDA-approved synthetic form that is safe for injection. Since it destroys fat cells easily, injecting it beneath the skin dissolves any fats there. Kybella is the very first fat-dissolving injectable  treatment to be approved by the FDA.

Most people  think that one appointment is enough to get their desired result. Unfortunately, Kybella treatments are designed to be given over a multiple treatments – usually about 4 to 6 monthly appointments. Each injection melts away a layer of fat until you’ve reached the desired result you are hoping for.

The amazing part about Kybella is that the dissolved fat cells actually get processed by your body, the same as any waste. Once a cell has been destroyed and processed by your body, it will not come back. You could potentially gain new fat cells, particularly if you gain a significant amount of weight. However, most people are able to maintain their diets, and even help their skin tighten naturally, by doing a few simple things: keeping their body weight steady, always applying sunscreen when outdoors, and not drinking too much alcohol.

The only situation that you can’t undergo Kybella is if you have loose skin under your chin instead of fat. Since Kybella is designed to target excess fat, it won’t make a difference with loose skin. Instead, we will suggest tightening treatments such as Ultherapy, or as a last resort, we may recommend plastic surgery as the best option for your situation.

It is important to visit us before deciding if Kybella is the best option for you. Depending on what kind of results you are looking for, we can help you decide if Kybella will give you those results, or if you would do better on a different treatment.

Although Kybella often has amazing results, each patient does react individually. You will have your own unique results, based on your body, how much fat is dissolved, the area you need the injections in, and also how many treatments you decide to get. Make sure you keep this in mind as you go through your treatments.

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